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“It requires two minds to think one’s most disturbing thoughts”
(Wilfred Bion, 1957) 

Psychotherapy for adults and adolescents

What works in therapy? What are the factors that initiate the change? What makes the therapy effective for the client?
Being very invested in this issue, and from the wish to be present for my clients, in the right, most suitable and adaptive way, I have learnt, specialized and expertized in various therapeutic modalities, amongst them psychodynamic psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Biofeedback and more.

Another approach I integrate in my therapeutic work stems from practice and knowledge I have gained in Buddhist philosophy, from which mindfulness has derived.
Although, there is no one answer to what makes therapy effective, there is a consensus that an open, trustworthy, accepting, containing, empathetic therapeutic relationship is a key to a fruitful therapy.
I am well aware of the difficulty and concerns which accompany when applying to seek therapy. Trusting and sharing secrets of the heart with a professional, nonetheless a stranger, is difficult. It may also be difficult to admit that one needs therapy. 

Thus, I firstly emphasis in my work the therapeutic relationship. My professional world view is side by side with me being an expert in psychology, the client himself is an expert of his experiences. Thus, my belief is that therapy is a common venture of inquiring the client’s inner world, of experiences, in an authentic, respectful, interested and empathetic manner.
After a thorough introductory meeting (intake), I would wish to create an open dialogue with you, as to the therapeutic objectives and goals you wish to attain from the therapy. Together we would consider the right proper way and pace for you, by which these goals can be attained.
From here we would embark on a joint journey where we pace side by side heading unknown inner places, and facing a possible new, different way of looking at old long known inner places.

Parental Consultation

Being a parent is perhaps the most demanding, challenging, and frustrating job of them all. It could be so ever fulfilling and it could drain your resources completely.
In my clinical I offer an emphatic, supportive and safe environment where we can explore together, in a none judgmental manner, the challenges and obstacles in parenting, and the feelings that rise within us when caring for our little (or older) ones. In my practice I combine my knowledge and understanding in Psychodynamic and Family – Systemic approaches, with well-established behavioral tools.

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